Hotels use wine to attract more guests

But they’re doing it by stressing the half-bottle instead of the full one

Hotel restaurants are increasingly offering a midway choice between a glass of wine and having to drink the full bottle. Consequently, they are finding that the half-bottle option is increasingly popular with guests and offering it on the wine menu is filling a gap. Business guests in particular are wary of adding a full bottle to the expense account, yet want more than just one glass. Couples, meanwhile, can opt for two half-bottles of different wines instead of one of them having to drink a wine that the other one prefers. They can explore two wines at the same time.
“From an operational standpoint it’s hard to carry extremely precious wine by the glass,” says one hotel restaurant owner. “A lot of boutique winemakers offer a half bottles. It allows you to get something precious without spending a lot of money and that’s something that would be challenging by the glass. Once the bottle is open you have a day and a half with it.”
A half-bottle program can be publicised and used to promote the hotel, creating wine opportunities for the guests and pitching the restaurant above the competition.
Hotel Interactive