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Inside the womb room (photo by Billy Bolton)

Hotel’s ‘womb rooms’ to help guests sleep

Near the City of London there are beds resembling the womb, with temperature duvets and dishes designed for sleep.

A new boutique aparthotel in London will have rooms designed to look like the inside of the womb, to help guests have an REM-rich good night’s sleep.

Zed Rooms, opening in fashionable Shoreditch, a kilometre north of London’s financial centre, are serviced apartments that have been designed by sleep experts.

Each of the apartments has two rooms, called the Woom Room and the Loom Room. The Woom Room has a cocoon-like 3D-design bed zone with undulating wooden panels above the bed.

The focus of the Loom Room, meanwhile, is a four-poster bed draped with white fabric resembling clouds.

Both come with Simba Hybrid mattresses, temperature regulating pillows and duvets and Neom miniatures from its Scent to Sleep range, the Independent writes.

Dishes are served that are designed for sleep, rich in serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan. There’s also a terrace with yoga mats and meditation sessions.

Ready for the day
“Sleep is an all-encompassing experience, and every element matters,” says Hope Bastine, resident sleep psychologist at Simba who contributed to the apartments’ design.

“The Zed Rooms are an elaborate infrastructure of symbiotic components, geared entirely to honing quality sleep – fine-tuning you overnight to navigate whatever life throws at you the following day.”

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