How agents can correct their own mistakes

Travel agents should own up, find a solution and do something extra

Everyone makes mistakes – even travel agents. A simple but possibly hugely costly error like telling a client that a flight is on the wrong date can happen to even the most skilled agent. How to deal with it? Steve Cousino, owner of the US-based agencies Exclusive Events At Sea and Journeys By Steve, says that agents should triple-check their every move. But if a mistake is made, the first thing to do is apologise – even if the client doesn’t immediately notice the error. If it’s complicated, say you’re working on correcting it. The apology should be made in person or by phone, unless the client demands email-only correspondence. Then ask for the client’s approval once a solution has been found.
Finally, do something else for the client free-of-charge, such as paying luggage fees. But don’t offer monetary compensation unless they ask for it. And, Cousino concludes, “It’s important to thank the client for working with you to get the solution fixed, and thank them for being a client.”

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