How airlines can boost revenues in tray tables

iPads change design of aircraft tray tables in economy class

Aircraft manufacturers are working on how to make tray tables more convenient for tablet users, helping airlines to make more money. The US company Smart Tray International, for example, recently presented a new economy-class tray table with a built-in groove for docking personal electronic devices. Passengers can watch content on their iPad or iphone screens hands-free, with the tray table up or down, and charge them too. Airlines would also be able to install their own tray-table based inflight entertainment systems – bringing in advertising revenue with targeted ads.
“The X1 tray table features a hands-free experience. No longer will travellers have to hold, prop or contort themselves to view their devices,” Nick Pajic, Smart Tray International’s founder and CEO said. “And they can leave their holders and stands at home – less to carry and fidget with.”
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[image courtesy Smart Tray International]