How foreigners think of Norway for travel

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Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway investigates holiday destination perceptions

Fjords, mountains and natural phenomena are top of the list when foreigners first think of Norway, according to state-owned national developer Innovation Norway.

Its regular surveys in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and France aim to discover the perception of Norway as a travel destination and the likelihood of respondents visiting the country on holiday.

Respondents are asked to write down the first thing that comes into their minds about Norway as a destination and holiday experience and are asked to give their opinion about a number of statements related to taking a break in Norway.

The strongest association most people have in the latest survey is fjords, followed by nature, mountains, the Northern Lights – and the cold. Many respondents also think of Norway as being good for outdoor activities.

Something more
But many are not aware of much more than that. The survey shows that more people would visit if they thought a break in Norway offered something more.

This means that Innovation Norway can focus on the fact that inbound tourism can also offer fun and memorable city experiences, tasty food, local specialties, history and culture.

Innovation Norway claims that over the last two years, more respondents are agreeing with the statement that Norway is a suitable place for good food and local specialties, exciting city life and stimulating culture and history.

Norway has also strengthened its position during the same period, Innovation Norway adds, as a country with excellent opportunities for cycling, hiking and winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

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