How hotels boost business at Christmas

Slow season needn’t be the slowest in the year
It’s slow every year. But hotels can deploy a variety of techniques to increase business during the week between Christmas and New Year.
Hoteliers use loyalty reward programs, discounted room rates, special packages and seasonal cocktails to bring customers through the doors.
Properties with the Twenty Four Seven Hotels brand don’t “waste time getting too cute with the holidays”, says Isaac Rodriguez, VP for revenue strategy and distribution.
“There’s no need to race to the bottom with your rates,” he says, “so what we try to do is, we try to leverage on the influence of the brand loyalty rewards programs that exist at all of our brand properties.”
He adds: “It’s probably safe to assume that most people are looking to stretch their dollar as far as they can during the holiday season. Just by offering that […] offer through our marketing outreach efforts, that’s typically been the most effective.”
Independent and chain hotels alike do promotions such as bed-and-breakfast packages, ‘happy holidays’ rates, New Year’s Eve dinners and parties, special packages targeted at segments of guests like families or single millennials, Christmas Day rates, family ski-and-swim packages, seasonal cocktails, outdoor movie nights and special rates for people who help the community, like teachers and doctors.
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