How hotels can grab more group business

The secret? Always be ready for secret site visits
Meeting marketing and hotel specialist Andria Goldin reveals some of the best ways to capture group business. Always be ready, she advises, as potential new business might be roaming your hotel at any time.
A lot goes into choosing the right hotel for an event, from sourcing to negotiating to planning. Much of the decision making comes during the site visit. Often during a supervised walk-through everyone and everything is at its best, so Goldin often does secret site visits so “I can observe the magic of catching people unaware: guests and hotel staff in the act of being themselves, a true measure of their excellence.”
Hotel floor people make the first impressions, so even when the lobby is slow it is important to keep a professional facade. Everything, everywhere and everyone leaves an impression.
People on a site visit will notice things like unified design concepts, colour palettes and textures. Guests instinctively look for a way to feel at home in a new place.
They can observe the backstage of the conference centre, to “really see the care, if it is there”: how the staff interact with each other, are there crashing trays from the kitchen, is there patience while cleaning up a messy refreshment area?
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