How hotels can make a promo movie

Hire professionals, make employees into actors, focus on the destination

Hotels often avoid the costly option of making a professional looking video about their properties. To do it right, professionals have to be hired – not just anyone with a camcorder. A storyboard and a budget should be drafted. The lighting has to be effective, the camera steady, the staff appearing assured in front of the camera, the professional video producers perfectly familiar with sound and editing equipment. A professionally produced video can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $100,000. When filming the employees, the “stars” of the film have to appear relaxed, not just attractive and charming. So a screen test is necessary first. It’s advisable to make the film entertaining and original. This doesn’t have to feature employees if they feel uncomfortable. Focussing on the destination is as important as interior shots of the hotel. One expert emphasises that it should be non-promotional, authentic and entertaining from the first shot.
[pictured: film editing suite]