How independent hotels grab direct bookings

Ways independent hotels can focus on direct bookings
Independent hoteliers have many ways to attract guests who book direct, Hotel News Now reports. This is critical as online travel agencies become all-powerful through areas like consolidation. Independents must have a good distribution strategy that focuses on direct bookings.
They can boost direct business by, for example, providing incentives to returning guests. They can offer, say, 15% off their next stay if they book direct, or an even bigger discount for repeat groups.
Some independent hotels focus on their region or background. The 74-room boutique Quirk Hotel, located in an arts district of Richmond, Virginia, was originally a gallery and houses hand-picked pieces of local art throughout the building, including in the guest rooms.
The collection was made by going to fundraisers or collecting from interesting artists. As a result, each room in the hotel is different. The building is celebrating its 100th birthday.
Quirk’s attachment to Destination Hotels, one of the biggest operators of independent hotels in the United States, helps it to convert lookers to direct bookers through a program for discounted stays.
Booking direct comes with many benefits, not least that guests are speaking to someone who knows the hotel inside out. The hotel also tends to be far more flexible than an OTA about moving dates and allowing cancellations.
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