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Berlin Schönefeld Airport

How long does it take to fly from Berlin to Berlin?

About 80 minutes, as was the case for a recent easyJet flight carrying around 200 passengers.

A flight from Berlin’s Tegel airport in the north of the city to its other airport, Schönefeld, in the south, recently took an hour and 20 minutes, The Local quotes Der Tagesspiegel as reporting.

A scheduled easyJet flight from Tegel to Zürich in Switzerland made this journey due to a misunderstanding late on Friday night.

Carrying around 200 passengers, it was due to depart at 21:20 but was delayed because of a technical problem and left shortly after 23:00.

At this point it was assumed that officials in Zürich would allow the plane to land – despite the fact that the airport has a night-time curfew in place.

Its ban on incoming and outbound flights between 23:30 and 06:00 has been in place since mid-2010.

However, it took until 23:40 for the easyJet pilot to inform the passengers that there had been a misunderstanding with Zurich Airport and that the plane would not be able to land.

Tegel also closed
It then had to turn around and return to the German capital. Tegel itself was also already closed, so the flight landed at around a quarter past midnight at Schönefeld.

Der Tagesspiegel reports that there were only five taxis at the airport at the time, which left the infuriated passengers scrambling for ways to leave.

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