How luxury hotels ensure guests sleep well

Mattress technology, moon timber, yogic sleep programs
In the struggle to keep up with all the advances in technology that can be added to hotel rooms, the basics of ensuring a good night’s sleep should not be forgotten – especially at luxury properties.
Beds at the Savoy in London are handcrafted with mattresses stuffed with Latin American horsetail, lambswool or Mongolian cashmere. And guests at Four Seasons hotels and resorts benefit from a new range of mattress toppers that change the beds’ levels of firmness.
The Forsthofalm hotel in the Austrian Alpine village of Leogang is made almost entirely of “moon timber”, wood felled in the depths of winter when trees do not produce sap. The hotel insists that resting in an all-wood environment slows the heart rate and results in relaxing sleep.
Six Senses, meanwhile, provides “yogic sleep” programs to improve sleep, pillow mists, sleep-boosting snacks and a sleep journal to clear the mind before retiring.
The Corinthia Hotel in London operates a Sumptuous Sleep Retreat. Developed with a sleep expert, it offers a “sleep menu” with dishes rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that forms the sleep hormone melatonin as well as sleep-inducing treatments at its spa.
The Telegraph
[pictured: Savoy London]

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