How robots are helping people at airports

Helpful robots can be found in Geneva, Amsterdam and Tokyo
The robot trend continues. More and more of them are helping passengers at airports, answering frequently asked questions in different languages. APEX Insight takes a look at some of them.
At Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, Nao developed by Aldebaran Robotics is a humanoid robot that can tell you the exchange rate or the weather at any destination, in Japanese, English and Mandarin. Also at Haneda, Pepper is a sales clerk, care provider and airport guide.
At Haneda once again, EMIEW3 developed by Hitachi gives travellers directions and instructions in Japanese and English. If you want to eat sushi, for example, it will show you where to go.
In Geneva, Leo, developed by SITA, is a self-service kiosk on wheels, taking passengers’ bags outside the airport terminal, like a hotel bellhop. It also checks in passengers, prints out boarding passes and bag tags and shuttles luggage to the bag drop.
At Amsterdam Schiphol, Spencer doesn’t speak but can scan boarding passes to know which gate passengers need and how far it is. Soon it will be able to carry bags and recognise emotions too.