How the Paris attacks are affecting travel

Heavy security across France, attractions due to reopen
Security has been rapidly increased after the terror attacks in Paris, with 10,000 troops being called out across France. Flights, ferries and trains are running as normal, but systematic border control checks are now in place at all entry points into France.
Top attractions have been closed as the country continues three days of mourning (November 14-16). Disneyland Paris says on its website that it will be closed until Tuesday inclusive.
However, landmarks like the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower will open on Monday at 13:00, following a minute’s silence at midday.
People travelling on Eurostar services from London to Paris report that many seats were empty, presumably because passengers had been offered a free exchange of tickets.
Of the airlines flying to Paris, Flybe has been the most generous, extending by two more days its offer for customers with Paris bookings on November 14, 15, 16 and 17 the chance to change their travel plans for free. Air France, British Airways, easy Jet and Ryanair did the same for people with bookings up to November 15.
Paris officials set up a helpline for tourists in the city, at +33 1 45 50 34 60. As for travel insurance, it is unlikely a policy will include costs associated with terrorist action.
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