How to attract millennials

Travel companies urged to do new style of marketing
Travel companies have to create personalised advertising and products if they want to tap into the lucrative millennials market.
That was the message from Bradley Taylor of the market research firm GfK, speaking at a recent forum, Customer Insight in the Travel Industry, held by UK travel agent association ABTA.
Millennials – typically people born between 1980 and 1995 – have access to “thousands of online reviews at any one time”, he said, and companies cannot guarantee that traditional marketing strategies will translate into loyalty.
“It’s no longer about how much you can spend on online advertising. [Millennials] need to feel like someone took the time to make it about them.”
Companies are no longer “master and commander” of how their brands are perceived by consumers, he said. “We are dealing with customers who have access to thousands of online reviews at any one time and you can’t control it. We need to learn how to manage ourselves and how we react to that.”
Using data compiled by GfK, Taylor presented his view on the makeup of the millennial consumer, suggesting that they fall into two groups: those aged 15-24, and more “mature” consumers aged 25 and over. The older ones are climbing the corporate ladder quickly, getting married later in life and are hungry for experiential travel.
Millennials’ desire for ‘adventure’ is 18 points higher than average, while their need to ‘travel by plane’ is nine points above average, according to the research.
There is a need for travel companies to begin their relationships with customers early in the booking process. Data from 30,000 tweets compiled in April show that 11% of Twitter users say they “need a holiday” in their tweets while 15% say they “can’t wait” for their getaway. A total of 47% use ‘holiday language’ even though they are not actually on a trip themselves.
“The adventure starts when they want to go on holiday and that’s when [companies] need to be there,” Taylor said.
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