How to create a good atmosphere in the workplace

Attitudes are low in the hospitality trade so get people together

Workplace attitudes are low and mistrust is high in the travel industry right now, particularly in hospitality, and employers need a plan of action to encourage employees emotionally and help them reconnect to their jobs. A recent study found that only 10 percent of hospitality employees completely trust their employer to care for their interests, while only 8 percent completely trust their co-workers. A mere 15 percent of hotel employees said that they agreed that the company management was “completely ethical and honest.” And just 12 percent said that their personal values were completely consistent with the values of the company they worked for.
So how to improve engagement with the company? Managers could emphasise that a hotel employee’s job helps families find refreshment away from home, or that the business helps to boost the local economy. They should stay visible and appear caring by saying hello to all employees. And employees can share common values if personal connections are improved by, for example, spending time getting to know each other in exterior activities.
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[pictured: Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa, Dubai]