How to deal with guests who threaten bad reviews

Keep a small promo budget for socially active guests and stay professional

In the second of two posts on hotels and social media, hotel consultant Daniel Edward Craig assesses just how far hotels should go to please or appease guests. Besides using social media to complain, some nastier guests are also using new media to demand special treatment with the threat of writing a bad review. Comments in which a guest tells the hotel and all his/her friends that they are eagerly looking forward to a special event being arranged there can put the hotel under pressure to do all it can to satisfy, at great expense.
Many hotels receive requests for upgrades and special treatment, or for rooms with good views – requests increasingly made via social media. All the hotel can do is to try to please each guests as much as possible. The owner of one hotel recently reported to a tabloid newspaper that a guest had threatened to post a bad review if he charged a cancelation fee. Craig recommends that hoteliers could have a small promo budget for socially active guests; give lists of suggestions for activities instead of upgrades; keep calm and professional when faced with threats of bad reviews and try to offer suggestions to resolve the issue; evolve a social media policy to help staff; post a respectful response if a bad review is written.
[pictured: Presidential Parlor, InterContinental San Francisco; courtesy IHG]

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