How to drive sales and reward salespeople

Discover their interests and reward them in multiple ways

All businesses in the travel and tourism industry depend on the performance of salespeople, and many do all they can to motivate them, including raising their salaries or commission. But the secret to really driving them forward lies in finding their “hot buttons” – their interests and what they do in their spare time. They can then be tempted by prizes in line with their interests.
These rewards should be given according to measurable results, not only effort or activity. However, they can also be given for other aspects of performance, just as in golf for example, there are awards for the longest drive, best putt and holes-in-one. In sales, besides highest total sales, salespeople can be motivated by seeing that there are multiple chances to win extra prizes, or money, with the best improved production over a period of 90 days or growth in market share.