How to engage customers through new media

New technology is helping companies find out who their clients are

Brian Solis, a new media expert and author, discusses how businesses can remain engaged with customers by integrating social media technology into their everyday activities. On Twitter, he says, the average number of personal connections is 140; on Facebook it’s 130. But these numbers are rising fast and with better connected individuals they can reach into the thousands. “So when you engage effectively with the right people, you are reaching great numbers,” Solis says.
The trick is to find the “right people”. “There is a social consumer hierocracy, and you have to recognise individuals of a certain stature first because they can reach many more than your traditional one-to-one engagement.” People who are sharing their views of a particular company, brand, market, product or service can be found in an online search, using tools such as Klout, MPact and PeerIndex. A report on how these tools can benefit a company like Starbucks found that their followers on Twitter often used words like family, love, share and work and that they love dogs more than cats. “All this really interesting information came out of that research,” Solis says, adding that this information can then help to personalise marketing.