How to get free drinks on a cruise ship

Despite expensive prices, cocktails on cruises can actually be free

There are several ways to get free alcoholic drinks on a cruise, according to Cruise Critic – handy information at sea since drinks are so pricey. Some cruises have one-off parties with complimentary drinks – for example the captain’s cocktail party on Disney Cruise Line, a “farewell fun party” on Carnival cruise ships and Princess Cruises’ farewell soiree. Art auctions held onboard usually give free drinks, as will regular casino visits. Also happy hours often include two-for-one deals.
Other ways to get free alcohol involve demonstrating you’re a valued customer. Return passengers on Holland America are treated to a complimentary champagne brunch, while those sailing with Royal Caribbean a number of times are treated to open-bar cocktail evenings. Luxury cruise lines like Seabourn, meanwhile, provide all drinks in the fare and a well-stocked bar in every suite.
Cruise Critic
[pictured: Club lounge Bartender; courtesy Seabourn]