How to get great photographs in a new city

Wake up early and experience the city in all possible lights

There are several insider tricks to capturing a new city in photography. Panoramic skylines, people up close, architectural details, and street activity can all be caught effectively on camera. According to travel photographer Richard I’Anson, aspiring photographers need to rise early and reach a good location before dawn. The waterfront is always a good spot for early-morning activity. Capture the quiet streetscapes on the way. Then, as the city wakes up, try the markets, and afterwards go to the main streets and squares for the peak-hour crowds. Look for fresh city views, architectural details, eye-catching shops and people in their daily routines. Try museums and galleries mid-morning, cafes at lunchtime, and shopping malls, parks and craft markets during the afternoon. Late afternoon and especially the half-hour after sunset could provide effective shots from a viewpoint or an unusual or landmark building. Finally, the night markets and the life around them are perfect in the evenings.
Lonely Planet
[pictured: HTO Park, Toronto]