How to protect your computer when traveling

Forbes offers travellers five ways to secure their laptops

Cybercriminals are hunting to hack into computers and email addresses all year round – but especially in summer when large numbers of people on holiday are using unsecured hotel and other networks to connect to the internet. At Forbes, Stephen Cobb, a security expert at the anti-malware company ESET, offers his top five tips for travellers.
“Don’t update software while on hotel Wi-Fi”, he says. Such an “update” could allow cybercriminals to install malware that monitors all actions on your computer. Second, “make sure your computer has antivirus software installed on it”, which can really help to protect your computer. Third, “backup your data before you leave home”, so you won’t lose everything if the computer is stolen or infected. Next, ask if the network is encrypted with WPA2, something that asks for a password before logging in. And finally, “keep your computer locked up”, ideally in the hotel room safe.

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