How to stop getting spotty on a plane

Stay calm, drink water, and don’t eat cheese
A woman in her 30s who travels a lot asks dermatologist Dr Simon Ourian why she always suffers from an outbreak of spots on long-haul flights. He recommends five things she can do to prevent them.
Most importantly – if possible, stay calm and minimise stress, as this can cause blood to rush through the vessels in the face. Second, drinking plenty of water, avoiding alcohol, helps the skin to fight against the extremely dry air on planes where humidity can be as low as 1%. Dry air makes dry skin drier and oily skin oilier.
Aisle seats are better as they give less exposure to harmful UV rays through the windows. Try not to wear any makeup on the flight, and before the flight cleanse your face and put on moisturiser and eye cream.
Finally, don’t eat cheese. “Dairy is your secret enemy,” Dr Ourian says.
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