Human error behind BA IT crash

Engineer disconnected and reconnected power supply
Human error is likely to have been behind British Airways’ recent worldwide IT systems crash, which left 75,000 passengers stranded. An engineer disconnected and then reconnected the power supply to the airline’s data centre, causing a power surge.
The engineer “wasn’t authorised to do what he did”, said Willie Walsh, head of BA parent company IAG, at the International Air Transport Association global summit in Mexico.
“You could cause a mistake to disconnect the power, it’s difficult for me to understand how you can mistakenly reconnect the power.”
He added that “physical damage to the servers and distribution panels” was caused when the power was reconnected, making it difficult for the airline to quickly repair the problem.
Walsh, who has overseen cost cuts at BA, said the company had also not “got communications right” in informing passengers during the incident. The carrier has ordered an independent investigation.
The Guardian / ITV

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