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Tesla Model S (image: Tesla)

Hundreds of Tesla cars for rent in Norway

Avis Norway took delivery of 280 all-electric Teslas in 2018, helping to keep Norway as Europe’s biggest market for the US manufacturer.

The Norway branch of the car rental giant Avis has received around 280 all-electric Tesla cars over the last year, making it one of the biggest Tesla rental fleets in the world.

The US-based electric transportation news website Electrek notes that the Avis order, which includes both the Tesla Model S saloon and its SUV equivalent Tesla Model X, keeps Norway ahead of the Netherlands as the biggest European market overall (8,614 to 8,585) for Tesla.

If it hadn’t been for the Avis order, the Netherlands would have surpassed Norway as Tesla’s biggest European market.

Total annual Tesla sales in Norway increased slightly in 2018, having risen steadily from 1,983 Model S cars in 2013 to 8,614 in 2018 (3,633 S and 4,981 X).

There are over 26,000 Tesla vehicles registered in Norway at this time, making the country Tesla’s biggest market per capita in the world.

Service delays
Electrek quotes the local newspaper in Horten, Gjengangeren, as reporting that Avis took delivery of a fleet of 280 Tesla vehicles in the town of Skoppum, which like Horten is about 60 kilometres south of Oslo.

The airline Norwegian recently added Avis as a new car rental partner.

However, due to Tesla vehicles’ popularity in Norway, their owners have experienced service delays over the last year, with long waiting times for maintenance at the 11 service centers in the country and unreturned phone calls. CEO Elon Musk has pledged to do “everything possible” to fix the issue, Electrek reports.

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