Hurricane Irene diverts international flights

First Atlantic hurricane in 2011 season ready to hit Bahamas

Flights to and from Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic and Haiti have been cancelled and airports closed as a result of the first Atlantic hurricane of the 2011 season. As reported, many cruise ships have reversed their itineraries to call at the same ports in a different order while avoiding contact with the category-two hurricane. Airlines, meanwhile, have temporarily ceased charging for flight alterations up until August 26.
The hurricane cut power to a million people in Puerto Rico, and gusts of up to 200 km/h are being forecast for the Bahamas. The Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism has recommended that journeys there be postponed this week. The storm may hit the coast of the USA by the end of the week.
[photo courtesy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]