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Hurtigruten agrees “largest environmental upgrade”

The Norwegian cruise and ferry firm invests $150 million in a switch to LNG and battery power.

The Norwegian cruise and ferry firm Hurtigruten has revealed plans for the “largest environmental upgrade in the history of the company”.

Almost all of its vessels will be converted to hybrid powerplants, combining engines running on LNG with batteries, Cruise Industry News reports, which is a sea-change away from the marine gasoil is uses today.

It has contracted with Rolls-Royce Marine for an initial six ships, with an option to renew a further three.

The upgrades will be completed before Hurtigruten enters into its new contract with the Norwegian government for coastal service, beginning at the start of 2021.

The cruise company’s total investment is estimated at around $150 million. Work on the first six vessels is scheduled for completion by January 21, 2021.

Environmental solutions
The deal with Rolls-Royce Marine includes the installation of the new battery-supported gas engines, new propellers and other “environmental solutions”, Hurtigruten says.

“Hurtigruten’s ships will be as efficient and green as if they were brand new,” said Astrid Opsjøen, Rolls-Royce Marine’s vice president for product sales.

The company also consulted environmental NGO Bellona on its choice of new technology.

“Hurtigruten’s investment is showing the way forward,” Bellona maritime consultant Sigurd Enge said. “Along with other Norwegian maritime suppliers, Hurtigruten is delivering solid environmental improvements through its choice of technology and fuel.”

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