Hurtigruten to offer “travel with meaning”

Norwegian line launches sustainability foundation
Hurtigruten has launched a new sustainability foundation, aimed at raising awareness and funds to help protect the environments of the habits its ships visit.
As part of Hurtiguten Foundation, chief executive Daniel Skjeldam tells TTG Digital that cash would be raised for “grassroots” organisations and charities, and the line will introduce volunteering excursions for passengers on every voyage.
“We want to offer travel with meaning,” he said. “By having guests, staff, partners and Hurtigruten friends from around the world joining forces, we aim to ensure that future guests can have the same unique experiences in these areas as guests of today.”
The line will focus on the Arctic, Antarctica and along the Norwegian coast. “We’ve been sailing in some of the most pristine waters in the world for almost 175 years, and we’ve seen the effects of climate change in these areas,” he said.
He gave the example of Svalbard, where he said Hurtiguten had noticed that the amount of ice covering the land had “decreasing dramatically”.
“There has been a huge change there in just a few years – we’ve seen polar bears struggling, because they can’t find seals as there’s no ice for the seals to live on. Our guests have noticed it too. We take our responsibility as an operator very seriously.”
Voluntary excursions for passengers will include beach cleans along the coast, which the line has already introduced on its Svalbard sailings.
“We have an initiative called ‘Clean up Svalbard’ where we tell guests they can take part in the clean-up, and we bring back all the items on the beach and ship them out. There is so much litter that washes up – it’s heart-breaking to watch polar bears having to pick their way through plastic bags and bottles. We’ve seen that guests like to help out in changing this.”
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