Hurtigruten unveils summer North Pole voyages

How about “a challenging expedition trip to the North Pole”?
“Wild polar bears, whales, amazing glaciers and challenging polar expeditions are just some of the things that await the bold adventurers who decide to do something extraordinary this summer”, says Norwegian cruise and ferry company Hurtigruten about its North Pole voyages for 2015.
During June, July and August, Hurtigruten’s expedition ship MS Nordstjernen will cruise around the Earth’s northernmost regions, where travellers are offered unprecedented exploration expeditions seasoned with midnight on the Svalbard archipelago.
“This is a trip for those with steady feet,” the company warns. There are no explicit physical requirements, but “the terrain is uneven” and landings are made with speedy Polar Circle boats, so it is an advantage to have a “sporty attitude”.
For those who are willing, this summer offers “the opportunity to climb and explore polar-bear country,” Hurtigruten says. “Instead of summer heat, ice, wind and snow greets the participants and sea is a kingdom of both pristine Arctic wilderness and sensitive biodiversity – where the polar bear sits on top of the food chain.”
Voyagers will also be able to see the remains of ancient settlers and trappers. A typical journey stretches over six days but trips can be extended.
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[photo courtesy Hurtigruten]

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