IAG: Ryanair transformation is “stunning”

Willie Walsh praises changes at low-cost rival
The boss of International Airlines Group has praised his Ryanair rival, describing Michael O’Leary’s transformation of the airline as “stunning”.
Willie Walsh made the comments in an interview with the UK’s Sunday Telegraph. It came as he confirmed talks had taken place between Ryanair and Aer Lingus, which IAG bought last summer, for Ryanair to become a feeder airline to Aer Lingus.
“There were certainly advanced talks with Aer Lingus at a high level,” he said. “I think it is workable. It can be done. We’re still open to the idea. I would be surprised if it doesn’t happen. I think they’ve got some interesting destinations that they serve and connect with and they could be sensibly linked with the Aer Lingus network.”
O’Leary has previously stated that Ryanair could team up with other long-haul carriers to deliver passengers to hubs for longer flights. As previously reported, Norwegian and Ryanair are reported to be forging a partnership at Copenhagen Airport and other European hubs.
Walsh added, however, that negotiations could prove tough. “Ryanair will provide feed-in where it’s convenient to Ryanair. They’re not going to change their schedules or their modus operandi to facilitate feeding in to somebody else.”
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