Iberia-BA merger under threat from union?

“We will not stand by and see Iberia dismantled by the British”

The union representing the Spanish pilots at Iberia is threatening to break the airline’s merger with British Airways. It is getting ready with legal challenges against the merger. The Sepla union accuses International Airlines Group, the owner of BA and Iberia, of ignoring Spanish interests and creating a union in favour of BA. Earlier in November, it threatened strike action against Iberia’s restructuring, which will lead to 4,500 job losses.
“It’s not fair and it’s not the way things were supposed to be. The merger was supposed to bring growth for both companies and benefits for workers of both airlines,” Sepla head Justo Peral told the Daily Telegraph. “We want to break the merger and go it alone again – that’s the only way we will survive. We will not stand by and see Iberia dismantled by the British.”
Meetings about the restructuring begin this week between Iberia’s management and the unions.
Iberia CEO Rafael Sánchez-Lozano said: “Iberia is in a fight for survival. It is unprofitable in all markets. Unless we take radical action to introduce permanent structural change, the future for the airline is bleak.”
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