ICAO experts to review airport security

ICAO: “The security of our member states starts at the airport”
The next project for the United Nations’ aviation agency ICAO will be to review security at airports, following concerns about poor security after the crash of Russia’s MetroJet plane on October 31.
An ICAO-led panel of security experts will look at ways to protect airports around the world from terrorism and discuss the possible measures when it meets in March 2016.
“This will address aviation security issues, the existing standards, and see where there are gaps and see where we need to develop additional guidance material to assist our member states,” explained ICAO Council President Olumuyiwa Bernard Aliu.
“The security of our member states actually starts, in most cases, at the airport.”
He added that the aim is to find a balance between security and the facilitation of air travel.
Montreal-based ICAO sets global air safety standards and performs security audits at individual countries’ airports – the results of which are confidential.

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