Iceland’s Wow to launch US routes in 2015?

Low-cost carrier wants slots at Reykjavik to launch to US

Wow Air, a low-cost carrier based in Iceland and launched in 2011, has been refused the necessary slots at Reykjavik to launch flights to the United States in 2014. It now says it will launch them next year instead.

The airline had planned to fly six times a week to Boston, starting in May, but those plans are cancelled. The slots it needs are currently used by flag carrier Icelandair.

“If it doesn’t work out with the slots we’re asking for, then we can change the European schedule for next year,” Inga Birna Ragnarsdottir told Reuters news agency.

Wow Air would also like to fly to a second destination in the United States, she added, such as New York. It currently operates four Airbus A320s to destinations like London, Berlin and Copenhagen. To fly to the US, it would probably lease two Boeing 757s.


[photo courtesy WOW air]

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