Iceland benefits from volcano tourism

New museum about to open dedicated to Eyjafallajökull

A new museum dedicated to the Eyjafallajökull volcano has opened in Iceland. The volcano, whose eruption brought air traffic in Europe to a standstill a year ago, is now safe and visitors to the area can see how the ash has transformed the surroundings. The Gigjökull glacierfall, for example, now has black and white glaciers. Tourists can also climb up to the site of the eruption.
A nearby farm is the location of the new museum, established by the family who live there. It is due to open on April 14 – the first anniversary of the beginning of the eruption. Spectacular photographs detail the eruption’s day-to-day progress and there is a gift shop too.
Meanwhile, another museum in Iceland is opening a new exhibition about volcanic eruptions. The exhibition at the Eldfjallasafn Volcano Museum, including works of art inspired by volcanoes, artefacts and volcanic rocks belonging to a volcanologist with 40 years of experience, opens on May 1.
TravelMole / Eldfjallasafn Volcano Museum
[pictured: Bolafjall, Western Fjords Iceland]