Iceland boosts arrivals with social media marketing

Wide variety of innovative and eye-catching campaigns
Iceland’s innovative and eye-catching efforts at marketing via social media appear to be working wonders, especially in attracting far greater numbers of US tourists, which have more than doubled in just two years.
“Our social media campaigns have seen a huge return,” says Sigriour Dogg Gudmundsdottir, media relations manager at Visit Iceland & Creative Industries.
Iceland saw 152,000 arrivals from the US in 2014, 242,000 in 2015 and 325,000 (more than the number of people who actually live there) so far in 2016.
Quirky campaigns last year included Ask Gudmundur, where seven people with that name from different parts of Iceland personally answered questions live online about the country.
“This year we followed up with Iceland Academy, which focuses on sustainable tourism,” Gudmundsdottir said, with online tutorials aimed at potential visitors. There’s also an Icelandic cooking class on Facebook and a new #IcelandChristmas campaign.
Low-cost carrier Wow Air used dating site Tinder for a Flirt and Fly contest, awarding free flights to people with the best chat-up lines. It has also used Snapchat to choose winners to record their Wow Air experiences.
Icelandair’s Stopover Buddy campaign ran this spring. It is now expanding this with Celebration Stopover Buddy Service, where airline staff help to grant passengers’ wishes, like arranging a party in a volcano or proposing under the northern lights.
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