Iceland circumnavigation cruises set for launch

Start-up line to sail 10-day cruises around Icelandic ports
The first company to offer cruises that sail exclusively around Iceland will launch this year and says the voyages are already selling well.
“Our core business is tourism to Iceland; we are Iceland specialists,” said Gudmundur Kjartansson, managing director and owner of Iceland ProCruises and Iceland ProTravel. “No one has ever done what we are doing, which is selling circumnavigation cruise trips around Iceland.”
The start-up cruise line will operate a summer season of mostly 10-day cruises exclusively into Icelandic ports, embarking from Reykjavik. So far seven voyages are scheduled, priced at between $2,500 and $3,500, plus two trips to Greenland.
“This is absolutely unique,” Kjartansson continued. “There are cruise lines that may stop in Iceland, but no one is doing it the way we are, with a focus on Iceland and using Reykjavik as the hub.”
The company has a three-year charter contract for a May to September season with the 220-passenger Ocean Diamond. The voyages will be port intensive, with no sea days on the Iceland cruises.
“We could not find the right vessel,” he said. “It needed to be a certain size, small enough to fit into the harbours, but large enough not to be too expensive. The Ocean Diamond is the optimal size for us.”
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