Iceland dish listed as “extreme cuisine”

Stingray featured in Lonely Planet top 10 exotic tastes

Eddie Lin, author of Lonely Planet’s Extreme Cuisine, says, “The only difference between ‘tasty’ food and ‘nasty’ food is one letter”. One of the items in his new top-10 list of “extreme” traditional dishes from around the world is stingray, commonly consumed in Iceland.
“The meatiest part of the stingray is the fins; Icelanders like their stingray rotten and fermented, while it’s more popular fresh, spicy or barbecued in Malaysia and Singapore,” he says. “Stingray meat is flaky yet dense and chewy and tastes like a mix of fish and lobster.”
It appears to be the least extreme food in the list. Other items on the menu include witchetty grub, a staple food for indigenous Australians for thousands of years; rooster testicles in Afghanistan; protein-rich scorpion fried or soaked in whisky in Thailand; grasshopper in Mexico; pig face in China; and chicha, a fermented drink made of corn or cassava chewed and moistened by Inca women.
Lonely Planet
[photo courtesy Westfjords Iceland]


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