Iceland tourism’s karaoke marketing

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The hardest song in the world is part of Iceland’s latest campaign
Iceland has thrown out a challenge to potential foreign tourists: sing along to a song about its notoriously difficult language, called The A-Ö of Iceland.
The tourist board of a country that is known to many as the home of “that volcano whose name I can’t pronounce” has launched its new video campaign, The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World.
Besides its 32 letters, the song performed by Icelandic comedian Steindi Jr, which can be seen here, covers words and phrases useful for tourists, such as bílaleigubíll (hire car), torfbær (turf house), sundskýla (trunks) and sundlaugar (swimming pool).
Another version gets a few tourists to sing along in a karaoke version.
Iceland is no stranger to innovative tourism campaigns, like Stopover Buddy arranging dates between visitors and local experts, and social media marketing. Another campaign, Ask Gudmunder, was fronted by seven locals with the name Gudmundur.
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