Icelandair sees record pax and load factor

International flights achieve 82.2% load factor in May

Icelandair carried around 165,000 passengers on its international flights in May, up 22% compared to May 2011. The airline’s passenger load factor was 82.2% an improvement of 5 percentage points over the year, the company reported. These are record number figures for passengers and load factor for the month of May.
The biggest increase in passenger numbers was on the carrier’s transatlantic market, amounting to a 31% rise. The increase in the number of tourists visiting Iceland was 26%, and the rise in the number of tourists from North America was as much as 58%. The number of people coming from North America has more than doubled in the last two years – mainly driven by new routes to Denver, Washington and Seattle.
Passengers on regional and Greenland flights stood at around 29,000 in May, a 9% increase on May last year. The load factor was 70.1%, up by 5.6 percentage points year-on-year.
[image courtesy Icelandair]


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