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Ideal winter conditions in Scandinavia

It’s even possible to sunbathe in the mountains, a meteorologist claims.

Extensive areas in Norway are now capitalising on the winter holidays, with the country’s mountains enjoying prime, stable seasonal conditions for the rest of the week at least. Even sunbathing will be possible.

State meteorologist Gunnar Livik has told the media about the continuing fine weather in the mountains of southern Norway, saying “it will get cold, but there’ll be no blizzards, just a little wind.”

He adds: “In the north-eastern parts of the mountains there may be some snow, but not large amounts. Sunbathing is also possible in some places in the mountains.”

With sunshine pervading in cloudless skies, the conditions are very good for anyone who loves winter sports, he says.

Avalanche caution
The national weather site has reduced the estimated risk of avalanches in recent days from “substantial” in some areas to “little danger” across the north.
But the danger of avalanches can change quickly.

“Snow, or fog, wind and rapid temperature changes can quickly lead to a high risk of avalanche conditions. However, if the snow settles, with stable temperatures and low rainfall, the danger is reduced again,” he explained.

Northern Norway has the best weather in the next few days, but in Finnmark and northern Troms there is low pressure, and during the week there may be dense snow showers and a little wind. Trøndelag may also get a lot of snow over the weekend.

There will also be more snow in the mountains of southern Norway on Sunday, which may mean difficult driving conditions in some places as the mountain tourists are travelling home.

“But it’s too early to say how much snow or how difficult the conditions will become,” said Livik.

Looking ahead, “we expect the cold winter weather to remain in most of the country next week. Winter will continue, which is actually quite normal at the end of February,” Livik concluded.

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