Images show Air Canada near miss

Pictures show how close planes were to tragedy
Images just released by the US National Transportation Safety Board show how close a recent near-miss was at the San Francisco International Airport.
Pilots on an incoming night time Air Canada flight on July 7 thought the taxiway was the runway. They came in to land before pulling up – just 18 metres above the ground, barely taller than the four planes on the taxiway at the time.
In the images taken from San Francisco International Airport video, which can be seen here, the lights of Air Canada flight 759 are visible as it attempts to land.
Pilots in a United Airlines plane alerted air traffic controllers about the off-course aircraft, while the crew of a Philippine Airlines plane behind it switched on the landing lights to warn Air Canada. The incident was just a few metres from becoming one of the worst disasters in aviation history.
The captain of the Air Canada A320 had more than 20,000 hours of flying time, the co-pilot 10,000 hours. They later told investigators “that they did not recall seeing aircraft on taxiway but that something did not look right to them,” the National Transportation Safety Board said. An investigation continues.
KTVU / The Guardian