Improve the quality of your hotel breakfast

Label the porridge and ensure teas are easy to make

Hotels have to get their breakfasts right. It is often the last thing they experience before checking out and is usually one of the things guests remember most about a hotel stay. But many hotels don’t give it the same attention as evening dinner.
Tips to improve breakfasts include : experience the breakfast yourself, seeing what the guests see; label the fruit juices to tell guests which is which, as pineapple and grapefruit juice can resemble orange; pouring milk and yoghurt may need two hands, so leave space for guests to put their bowls down; is the tea easy to make, with hot water easy to pour?; make sure the toaster can make toast according to different tastes; are the hot dishes, such as bacon or porridge, properly labelled?
[pictured: Still Life by Floris van Dyke (1575-1651]