In Cyprus, Swedes are spending more, Danes less

Cyprus struggles with abrupt changes in incoming tourism
Tourist arrivals in Cyprus were up 11% in April compared to the same month last year, to 201,495. The number of Russian tourists has fallen sharply, but this is compensated by rising numbers from the UK, Greece and Germany. However, in general tourists are spending less – and there are some surprising variations in how nationalities are spending.
About a quarter of Cyprus’ economy is fuelled by incoming tourism, which is up almost 14% for the year so far. This is despite a 23% drop in April in arrivals from Russia, Cyprus’ second biggest market. The biggest market, the UK, rose by 13% and arrivals from Greece and Germany rose 72% and 9.2%, respectively.
But visitors are spending less, according to the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents. In February, there was a 12% fall in expenditure per person.
Swiss tourists slashed their spending from €1044 to €656 per person. Danes, the Dutch, Americans, Israelis and Russians are also spending less.
Yet Finns have more than doubled their expenditure, by 120%, to €1484 per person. Swedes, the French and the Brits are also spending more.
“If the loss from Russian arrivals remains low, we are not sure it will be covered from markets that show an increase such as Britain and Germany,” the association’s director Dinos Kakkouras says. “Bringing large numbers but having three people sharing a beer in a bar does not help.”
Cyprus Mail
[photo courtesy Greek Tourism]

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