In Sweden, stay in world’s deepest hotel room

Pleasures and inconveniences of staying underground
In an article on tourism destinations around the world where visitors spend long periods exploring or even staying the night underground, the free London newspaper Metro highlights Sweden’s Sala Silver Mine.
The mine once produced three metric tonnes of silver a year. Now it is home to the world’s deepest hotel room – a special one-off suite 155 metres below ground. Staying the night there costs €450 a night for two people including refreshments and breakfast, the article says.
After a tour of the mine, a guide leads you through a maze of tunnels to the suite, which “sparkles with candlelight and shimmery furniture”. There’s no mobile coverage or television, the shower is in a hostel above ground, and it can get chilly so taking warm clothing is recommended.
Other underground destinations on the list include Montreal’s Underground City, the biggest subterranean complex in the world; cottages in The Caves of the limestone cliffs of Negril in Jamaica; the underground cities and churches carved out of sandstone in Cappadocia, Turkey; and the “eerie and magical” Puerto Princesa Underground River in the Philippines.
[photo courtesy Sala Silver Mine]

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