Incentives return in 2011, hotel chain claims

Great Hotels of the World predicts that MICE perks are back

Great Hotels of the World, which provides products, services and technology for over 250 hotels worldwide, has announced its prediction that incentive travel is back throughout 2011 and beyond. In recent years, many companies cut back on incentive travel to save costs. But Great Hotels of the World reports a significant increase in incentive travel enquiries placed through its MICE desk for the period of October-December 2010 in comparison to the same period in 2009. It now expects this trend to accelerate in 2011.

Incentive travel is a popular way for companies to reward productivity and raise team spirit. It is an attractive option for employers to motivate staff and get the best from their employees in the future. There are signs in the industry that the incentive travel market is finally recovering as business leaders start to invest again, realising that inspiring good performance can retain top talent.

“The past few months have seen a significant increase in the amount of enquiries for incentive trips placed through Great Hotels of the World,” Armand Guillemot, the chain’s sales director for meetings and incentives commented. “On average, the length of stay for incentive trips has increased and lead times are short. The industries now considering these incentive events are mainly from the retail, automotive and banking sector.

“Bonuses are back in the city and we are now starting to feel the issues of the past few years coming to an end. One of the trends we’ve noticed is that corporate social responsibility is becoming more important for companies as many are looking for some sort of charity element included in their incentive trips.”

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