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Expert warns of dangerous neglect in international marketing

Marketing expert Josiah Mackenzie says that many excellent hotels are not reaching out to nationalities around the world, especially those enjoying a new ability to travel internationally. They are “doing nothing to encourage international business”, he says, and this is a key marketing opportunity being lost. Strong growth is now being seen in inbound travel from Brazil, China and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries, to Europe and North America. According to Travel Gold Rush, a report created by Amadeus together with Oxford Economics, we are seeing the start of a “dramatic realignment of travel spend” as global travel doubles between 2010 and 2020.
Begin by translating website content. Chinese will soon replace English as the internet’s top language, and Arabic is another lucrative language to use. Also provide localised content, as visitors from different countries find different types of information useful. One US hotel owner says: “The French part has more articles and talks more about things that are less-known than in the English part. We’ve realised that the French customers are really reading a lot of our posts. After arriving at the hotel, after their booking, they would say, ‘I’m going to go see this exhibition that I saw on the website.’ The English part follows the same idea, but talks more about the hotel itself, because that’s what English clients want to learn about.” The lesson, Mackenzie says, is to ask your customers what information they want to see on the website.
Using social media specific to different countries as well as tools like Google Trends, and managing your hotel’s reputation online are other vital marketing tasks.
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