Independent low-cost terminal banned at CPH

“Terminal A would have been a poor solution for passengers and airlines”

The idea that an independent competing low-cost terminal could be created on the grounds of Copenhagen Airport has been dismissed by the Danish Competition Council. A group of investors first presented the so-called “Terminal A-case” for a new terminal in 2008, but it has now been concluded that Danish aviation legislation does not allow for several different companies operating independent terminals at CPH. This assessment closes the case.
Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP Communications, Copenhagen Airport: “It is important that the responsibility for the overall safety and security is placed with only one company and not divided between a number of companies. […] There is no such scheme anywhere else in the EU.”
He continued: “Apart from the fact that a terminal operated by another company would create a lot of safety, security and logistic-related problems in itself, Terminal A would also be a poor solution for passengers and airlines. For instance, it was the plan that passengers and their luggage were to be transported across the airport in sealed buses, because the planes were to park 2.5 km from the terminal.”
[pictured: Eastern Rotunda, Pier A, Copenhagen Airport; courtesy Copenhagen Airports]