Indonesian smoke haze creeps into Phuket

Hotels in southern Thailand provide facemasks for guests
Hotels in Phuket are taking precautionary measures as the smoke haze that has plagued Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia for more than a month creeps into southern Thailand.
Thailand’s government has declared the air quality in Phuket and the south of the country as “unhealthy” and urges the sick, elderly and children to stay indoors.
Hotels in Phuket are now facing issues with cancelled or redirected flights due to visibility problems.
“At the moment, very few guests at AccorHotels have highlighted or shared negative feedback about the haze. The largest impact on our guests has been in the form of flight delays,” said Ianic Menard, AccorHotels’ vice president of sales, marketing and distribution for upper South-east Asia.
“Domestic flights are either diverted back to Bangkok or are hovering above Phuket for up to an hour before being able to land,” said Robin Lee, general manager of the Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort Phuket. “Fortunately, while it has been a disruption it has not really had an impact on occupancy in our case.”
Other hotels have responded by providing face masks while keeping abreast of developments.
“We are continually keeping guests informed, monitoring if the haze reaches a critical level, and warning those with respiratory disorders, cold, flu or heart conditions to remain inside and drink lots of water,” Lee added.
TTG Asia