Inflatable suitcases may soon be on sale

Fugu suitcase idea seeks Kickstarter funding
The creators of a new bag that can inflate from carry-on size to check-in size, according to how much you have to carry, is crowdsourcing for funds on Kickstarter. The Fugu suitcase, named after the Japanese for pufferfish, can be inflated in a few seconds with a small electric motor.
The invention has been designed to comply with airline baggage sizes. It’s made of durable PVC fabric and the walls become extremely rigid. Omni-directional wheels can be fixed to the bottom.
Removable shelves enable the suitcase to be used also as a storage unit, portable table or laptop stand.
The Fugu Luggage concept comes from Isaac Atlas and a team based in Israel. It is hoped that the bag will be ready to buy this year, for around US$300 and in a range of colours.
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[photo courtesy Fugu Luggage/Kickstarter]

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