Swedes’ interest in US dives after Trump

Sweden’s biggest search engine makes travel analysis
Interest in flying to the United States has effectively halved since Donald Trump took the presidency, according to Sweden’s biggest search engine and price comparison site for flights.
“It is clear that Donald Trump has now totally lowered the US brand as a tourist destination. Swedish people are clearly turning right now to look for other destinations. It is also conceivable that many business trips to the United States will not happen because of the uncertainty surrounding visas,” says Kristoffer Rengfors, head of marketing at Flygresor.se.
Flygresor.se analysed 2.5 million flight searches made on the website and its app during the first weekend after Trump’s inauguration as president and during the second weekend after the inauguration, comparing them to the same periods a year ago.
The result indicates a sharp reduction in interest to travel to the United States. In Trump’s first weekend as president, the percentage of searches to the US declined by 43% against the year before. One weekend later, the reduction was up 47% compared to a year ago.
One explanation for the plunge may be the large number of startling decisions that Trump has taken in is first days in office – among other things denying visas to people from seven Muslim countries.
“When Trump was elected president, we saw a temporary increase in interest to travel to the United States, rising 23% the day after the election. Our analysis then was that the United States had received a lot of media and this reflected in interest in the country as a destination,” Rengfors said.
“Now the United States is again very much in the media, but it is clear that the Swedish people are not at all attracted to the new US that Donald Trump is building.”
TTG Nordic