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Is it cheaper to fly on Friday the 13th?

Unlucky for some. A travel expert shares her thoughts on the cost of air travel and how to get the best deals.

Whenever Friday the 13th rolls edges closer – and the next one will be in July – superstitious travellers avoid booking flights on this date. That should surely mean air travel is more affordable. But is it really?

Finnish airport operator Finavia quotes Jenna Perus, spokesperson in Finland for the travel search site Momondo, as saying that round-trip ticket prices were in fact 6% cheaper on Friday April 13 this year compared to any other day in April.

Research conducted by Momondo revealed variations depending on the destination. For countries such as the United States, Germany, Greece, Finland, Portugal and the Netherlands, ticket prices were down on Friday the 13th.

A roundtrip ticket to the Netherlands from within Europe, for instance, was €351.83 on April 13 on average, compared to €490.26 on average in April.

But ticket prices to Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and France went up. For example, an airfare to Italy from within Europe was €395.29 on April 13, and €324.51 on average for the rest of the month.

“The data is inconclusive, because it’s such a small change,” Perus says.

Cheapest tickets
Friday the 13th or not, she gives some general tips: booking a flight 60 days in advance gets the cheapest tickets; tickets are generally the most expensive on the day of departure; evening departures after 18:00 are cheapest; mornings until 15:00 are more expensive; Tuesday is generally cheapest; Saturday is usually the most expensive.

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